Our SpartanStrong Heroes!

Our SpartanStrong Heroes!
Posted on 04/18/2020

Spartan Strong Heroes put relationships first.  

They think we before me and build up others

They view setbacks as opportunities to grow and bring their best me to every situation. 

Here are some of the individuals who have been recognized!

Ed and Laura Murphy & family:  for creativity and community service of protective masks.

Carlotta Collins for compassion and commitment to our families with meal delivery.

Joann Divish for her generosity of time for meal prep and meal delivery.

Lorna Carr
for her servant spirit during meal preparation.

Kai Davis our SRO collaboration and positivity in working with families to support learning.

Jeff Williams for his uplifting words of wisdom and support during meal prep and delivery.

Sara Kitts for organization and leadership in the elementary kitchen.

Sara Campbell for her “we before me” attitude as she goes above and beyond with meal prep and delivery.

Tammy Blanton for her selfless mindset and consistent willingness to jump in and help with whatever is needed.

Jeannie Davis and Joe Robinson for distance learning technology assistance.
Jan Chase and Missy McCleary for always being there for our kiddos!
Remember to keep these signs moving! Post on social media who you identify someone. Message our district Facebook page or give us a call so we can recognize individuals who are chosen. Post on Twitter using hashtag #SpartanStrongHero. Let's keep the positivity moving in our awesome community.