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App Alerts: WEEKLY Updates

There has been a bit of confusion regarding the weekly Event alerts on the app. 

When you get a weekly alert on the app, you must click on the alert to see the full list of events for the week.

For example,  currently on the High School feed, you will see a few events for the week listed. This alert notice is only a summary of the events for the week.

When you tap on the alert, you will see see the even details for the week as shown below. Under each event, you will see the date and time for each event in the list.

By comparison, currently at the Middle School, you will only see one event listed, along with the date and time the event notice was posted.

This does NOT mean that Christmas break starts today.  You still need to tap on the alert to see the actual dates for the event.

Hopefully this helps with any confusion.

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