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Academic Goals

Pleasant Local School District is committed to UNLEASHING the POTENTIAL of all Community Members. Our Spartan Strong Culture is fundamental to all previous, current, and future success.

Spartan Strong is the foundation from which all academic, financial, and communication goals grow. Spartan Strong is grounded in 3 core values: Serve and Empower Others, Driven by Purpose and Vision, and Act with a Positive Mindset. When these values are in place, our district is able to Unleash the Potential of its community!

The Board Education, Superintendent, and Treasurer, in coordination with input from internal and external stakeholders, have defined 3 Academic Goals. These goals reflect the Pride Of Pleasant by honoring the past, nurturing the present, and envisioning the future. As district leadership receives feedback from members of the Master Facilities Planning Committees, the following 3 Academic Goals will guide the implementation of our future programming.

Student learning will be enhanced through diverse cultural options, experiences that extend the walls of the classroom, and a blended literacy design that is tailored to develop Global Literate Citizens.

Student learning will be enhanced through instruction that aligns to assessment results, promotes collaboration and communication, connects to personal pathways, and nurtures a mindset for continuous learning to ensure our graduates are Future Ready Learners.

Student Learning will be enhanced through experiences that foster resiliency and perseverance, develop deep conceptual understandings, and activate strategic questioning in order to produce Innovative and Creative Thinkers.