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Interim Reports
Parents may check the status of their child through the parent portal of Power School.

Self Help Websites
The following websites provide information for various personal issues:

Teens Health -
A catchall site that answers questions regarding illness,mind &body issues, grief/sadness, safety, puberty, drugs & alcohol, etc.

Troubled Teen 101-
Discusses normal behavior of teenagers and warning signs ofteens in trouble. Topics include drugs/alcohol/nicotine, violence, shoplifting, bullying, suicide, depression, eating disorders, and pregnancy.

Ohio Suicide and Crisis Hotlines -
If you are in emotional crisis, family crisis, or suicidalcrisis call1-800-SUICIDE or 1-800-784-2433.

Marion Area Counseling Center -
Provides information on how to get individual or group support.

Troubled With -
Offers self help for those with abuse, addiction, depression, self-image, stress, dating, homosexuality, teen parenting, anger, divorcing parents, ect.

A counselor from the Marion Area Counseling Center is here for students on a weekly basis. Upon parent permission, the counselor may see a student up to 8 times.

Career Websites
Students and parents can use the following websites to assist with career exploration. These sites can be especially useful to 8th graders when they use the Kuder site to take inventories, research potential careers, and consider their career choice when scheduling for high school next year.

Kuder-Ohio Career Planning -
Career Builder -
Tri Rivers Career Center -